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Ajman lies on the Gulf coast and is the smallest of the 7 Emirates. It has one of the longest most beautiful beaches running almost 20 miles. The State can be divided into 3 regions, the first its capital Ajman City which lies on a small creek, to the north east of Sharjah. Mainly a port city, it is great for shopping and international cuisine. Then the Masfout region, largely agricultural and well known for marble and lastly there is the Al Manama region. The State is ruled by the Al Nuamis.


The Ajman Free Zone : established in 1988, the various advantages offered in the Free Zone has made this land a haven for entrepreneurs and quadrupled the expected growth in various companies and industries. Well positioned at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf this zone is accessible by both western and eastern markets.




Ajman National Museum : this was originally an 18th century fortress used as the first line of defence by the leaders of the State. It was first a palace and then the Ajman police station. After renovation, a few wind towers and watch towers were maintained along with a large gate and 2 cannons. The exhibits, relics and historical documents displayed narrate the story of Ajman as it was in the past.


Mowaihat : a famous archaeological site of the UAE, which has displayed most of its findings in the Ajman Museum.


Dhow Yard : you must visit the world’s largest active boat building yard. A dhow is a traditional Arabian boat used for trade and during wars too. You can actually see them being built manually before your very eyes. This technique has been handed down from generations gone by.


Masfout Region : responsible for most of the local produce, this area is known for its majestic calcium stone mountains extending all the way to the Sultanate of Oman.


City Attractions : the town entrance itself is in the shape of an ancient watchtower. You could check out the old fort, the waterfront, Beach Rock road and the AjmanKhor shoal. Don’t miss the Etisalat Tower that looks like a grand mosque with a giant golf ball on top. The Ajman Corniche is witnessing a sudden growth in numerous 5 star hotels sprouting up all over the city, e.g. The Al Zohra project.




The Ajman City Centre : the city offers more that 50 local and international shops, and the Centre has loads of fun, food and frolic under one roof. You will also find private companies, banks, commercial souqs and the Ruler’s office down the street.


The Ajman China Mall : a must visit for wholesale chinese items like electronics, hardware, machinery, building material, furniture, car parts, textiles and jewellery. This falls under the Ajman Free Zone.




Taxis : always available at your beck and call. Also avail of the unofficial share a cab service to be found in the Somali area.


Guided tours in buses : are provided by your hotel.